There are a couple of sweet staples at our home in the kitchen. We always make sure there's a jar of honey and a jug of maple syrup on hand.

I do love me some honey and peanut butter on a waffle in the morning. And when we make pancakes or waffles on the weekend, they're always drizzled with delicious maple syrup. Geez, I'm droolin', bub.

It's not just any maple syrup from any old place either. In our family, it's got to be from heah, deah. Just like our honey from the bee, our honey from the tree is genuine Maine made lusciousness.

Mmmmm, mmm. If you love this liquid ambrosia of the Northeast, you'll be thrilled to hear that Maine Maple Sunday is just over three weeks away.

Each year the fourth Sunday of March is an annual open house for participating Maine sugarhouses. We just have to mask up and stay 6 feet apart from the folks who didn't come with us.

In 2021, Maine Maple Sunday was cancelled like every other gathering, because of the pandemic.  Now a whole year later, we can check it out as we keep ourselves and people around us safe by following CDC guidelines.

According to an article from our friends at WGME, the weekend celebration will be happening on March 26 and 27. Want options? Oh yes, there are options.

We count at least 100 places to celebrate Maine Maple Sunday from the Maine Maple Producers Association for you to choose from this year. How 'bout it, bub!

Watch as our wicked excited buddy Jeremy Grant takes us to Goranson Farm in Dresden a couple years ago. He shows us how maple syrup is made "from the trees and onto your pancakes" with another one of his top-notch Maine adventure videos.

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