Dennis Coffey's reign on Jeopardy has come to an end as a new champion was crowned Wednesday night.

The new victor was John Cuevas.


Dennis mentioned on the show two friends of his from Old Orchard Beach that both had passed away from opioid addictions and dedicated his appearance on the show to them.

Coffey's win streak, which began last Friday, ended when he lost the Final Jeopardy question, "Of the five inhabited U.S. territories, this is the only one where cars drive on the left?"

Dennis answered with Guam, but the answer turned out to be the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dennis has no full-blown plans as to how he will spend his money, maybe some travel and charitable donations, but this good-natured bartender took a chance that most of us don't.

He had a dream, he bet on himself and won.

You can see Dennis in this clip below:

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