Although it is glorified in movies and television programs, law enforcement is not as 'glorious' as it might appear. However, some states are better for police officers, and the state of Maine ranks high.

Our friends at recently did an analysis and determined that out of all 50 states and D.C., Maine ranks in the top 10 states for police officers.

They measured their findings at different points which led them to these conclusions. Friendliness, income, police protection, and police fatalities.

Washington D.C. has the most law enforcers and sheriff's per 100,000 residents, or per capita. Almost 6 1/2 times more than the state of Oregon.


As you can see, the state of Maine ranked pretty high. Maine came is second, behind Vermont, for the lowest violent crime rate. Maine came in second, behind North Dakota, for the highest percentage of homicides solved.

The next time you see a law enforcement officer, let them know how much you appreciate their service and their dedication to keeping us all safe.


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