With just about a week or so past 'College Decision Day', there is still time to look at the top 3 colleges in the state of Maine. Especially if your kids are looking to go this year.

It's one of the most important decisions of a young adult's lifetime and that is choosing the best college for what they would like to do with the rest of their lives.

Recently, Forbes researched the top 300 colleges in America for 2017. Three of Maine's colleges made the top 70 in the nation.

Some studies show that a 4-year college could cost somewhere around $80,000 a year, in order for someone to earn a degree at a public college. It's about $180,000 for a private college.

They ranked the colleges on the best value for a number of tuition costs, school quality, graduation success, post-grad earnings, and student debt.

Out of 300 colleges, here are the Forbes 2017 'Best Value College' rankings for the state of Maine.

  1. Bowdoin College - It will cost around $46,808 of in-state tuition in this public college, located in Sagadahoc County, Maine, just north of Brunswick. The college ranked #51 and has about 1,805 students who attend.
  2. Bates College - This school will cost around $47,030 for this private, liberal arts college, located in Lewiston, Maine. Bates College ranked #59 in the nation, according to Forbes and has about 1,773 students in attendance.
  3. Colby College - It will cost an in -state student about $47,350 to attend this private, liberal arts college, located in Waterville, Maine. The school has about 1,847 in attendance. The college was ranked #66 in the nation.


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