As an adult, you could brag to your friends about reading 20 books in one day! Now, some may refer to these 20 works of literature as children's books, but what your friends don't know won't kill them, right? What they will know is that you read 20 books in one day, and not only will that fact about you not kill them, but it will also impress them and make you look awesome.

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But David, I don't care about impressing my friends, but I would like to offer something fun for my children to read. Well, then this aggregate of what some (most) would consider children's books also applies to your needs. Let's begin with the book that inspired this article.

'Moxy The Maine Moose' Should Be One of Your First Maine Children's Books

Natalee Kohls
Natalee Kohls

This incredible adventure was not only recommended by Ms. Cindy from Q106.5's morning show, but the author, Natalee Kohls is a good friend of hers. Kohls will be at Spencer's Ice Cream in Bradley on Saturday, May 25 from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. to read all about Moxy and sign copies of her book. The book is $11.95 on Amazon, and you can order it here. 

Have You Ever Met a Moose in Maine? You Can in This Book!

Commonwealth Editions
Commonwealth Editions

This book by Ed Shankman has a 4.9 rating out of 5 on Amazon with raving reviews. As you can tell by the cover above, it's also award-winning.

Meet a moose and go on a tour through Maine down the Penobscot River to Portland. What a fun way for your kids to learn a little bit about where they are lucky enough to call home! They book is currently available for $14.74 and you can order it here. 

Support a Maine Teacher by Saying Goodnight with This Children's Book

Ashlee Ridlon
Ashlee Ridlon

This book was written by a lifelong Mainer and former Kindergarten teacher! Ashlee Ridlon takes you on a rhyming goodnight story through Maine attractions that both adults and kids will be familiar with.

"From Bangor to Portland, from beaches to farms, and from forests to cities, explore all that makes Maine our home in this calming bedtime story." It is only $12.99 on Amazon, and you can order it here. 

There are so many wonderfully crafted children's books that will take your young Mainers on adventures through Maine. Below are several more Maine books that will not only entertain but also educate from puffins to moose, to lighthouses, to all of Maine's enchanting geography.

Maine Children's Books

Entertain and educate your children with these greatly reviewed and award-winning children's books that take you on adventures all over Maine.

Gallery Credit: David

Enjoy learning (or impressing your friends)!

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