With warmer weather finally here and people being able to spend more time outdoors, health officials are warning of a higher than usual tick population this year.

And all it takes is a quick second for you to get close enough and the tick can latch on to your clothes and make it's way to a nice warm area on your body to dig in.

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The rise in ticks is due to bizarre weather patterns that provide ideal environments for the blood suckers according to health officials at the University of Rhode Island’s tick-borne disease center.

However there are ways to stay tick free this summer;

The Center For Disease Control says to know where to expect ticks. They live in grassy, brushy, or wooded areas, or even on animals. Doing a complete tick check on your dog or cat is essential every day.


Wear long pants and long sleeve shirts when you can, but who wants to wear long sleeves and pants all summer?

When it's just too nice out to wear long clothes they suggest using insect repellent. But not just any repellent will work on ticks. The EPA has a list of sprays that are known to ward off the little critters.

Check your body after being outdoors. Ticks are so small that they often get mistaken for freckles says the center, and you can't feel them crawling on you so make sure you check your body even if you have covered yourself in long clothes and insect spray.

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If you find a tick on you don't panic, get the tweezers and grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull it out slowly and steadily.

Then watch closely for signs of illness such as rash or fever in the days and weeks following the bite. If you become ill after a tick bite, see a health care provider.