It's that time of year when it's not too unusual to find a big, red lobster or a few lobster rolls on the table for lunch or supper. We found that Mainer's know their crustaceans.

Recently, we conducted an unscientific poll and asked folks like you what you really knew about these treats of the ocean. We asked and you delivered.

Here's what we found. 

  • Lobsters Pee Out Of Their Faces - As odd as this may sound, they do have what is called a urine release nozzle located right underneath their eyes. And we complain about bags!
  • Lobsters Only Have 1 Stomach - Lobsters only have 1 stomach and, as a side note, their teeth are not located in their mouth, but in their stomach.
  • Lobsters Can Regenerate Their Limbs - They can regenerate their legs, arms, and claws.
  • Lobsters Fight By Peeing - Lobsters love to fight and females love to find the most aggressive male. However, lobsters don't fight with guns or swords, but with their pee in order to express themselves. I can think of other creative ways to express myself rather than peeing.
  • Female Lobsters Can Plan Their Own Reproduction - She does this when she decides to let out something called pheromones and once 'big daddy' deposits his sperm there, then 100's of babies are possible.

The only question folks didn't do so well with was concerning a lobsters stomach. They only have one, but voters thought they might have more.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images


If you're looking for some good, alternative lobster recipe's to give your pallet a big kick, check these out. If you try one, be sure to tell us how you liked it.


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