The Madawaska Police Department posted on their Facebook July 14 a photo of Sgt. Garrett Albert helping a disabled man in his wheelchair back to his home.

MPD said Albert was getting gas in his cruiser when he “noticed a bit of commotion down by the post office.” A local man who the department knows is blind and handicapped was having difficulty crossing Main Street in his wheelchair.

Sgt. Albert helped the man get across the road and pushed him all the way back to his home. Madawaska police said “this is quite a distance to push a wheelchair and then get back to the cruiser in what was described as ‘record time.’”

The post went on to say “Garrett’s dedication to the citizens of Madawaska is evident. He serves with compassion, empathy, and integrity. We are proud to have Garrett as one of our team members.”

Read the full Facebook post below:

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