Getting closer to the end of the end of this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Nikki is seeing the error of her ways and wanted to make things right with Rosa and Safaree. After surprising Rosa with flowers and apologizing, Nikki also sat down with Safaree. However, something still felt a bit off when it came to her intentions. While we're not too sure if she wants to reignite that flame with Rosa, it's obvious that she still wants to get a piece of Safaree. And after he revealed the fact he wanted to be a one-woman kind of guy and be in a committed relationship with Nikki, she agreed with a little hesitation. Safaree seemed to take it, and we think this can only in disaster.

Following all the groveling Brandi had to do for Jason Lee in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, she unveiled the infamous tape to Max and Ray J. Unfortunately neither man felt it was the right thing to do despite Moniece's stunt a few weeks ago. So Max felt that he had to give Fizz the heads up about the sex tape situation. Fizz already got mad about the fact Moniece opened up about her sex life; however, now this sex tape could do a number to their son in the future.

He then confronted Moniece about the situation and how he's not only tired of cleaning up her messes, but he also can't deal with the fact that news about sex tape can do a number to their son. However, Fizz didn't think that tape should be out there in the first place. So they both confronted Jason and explained that if he were to release it, they would take legal action.

Things went from bad to worse in A1 and Lyrica's relationship. After A1 offered Lyrica's mom a waist belt instead of paying her liposuction, both Lyrica and her mother, Lyrica G, were angered by the situation, and it pushed Lyrica G to the edge. Since Lyrica G has her name on the newlyweds' car, she decided to get it towed right in front of A-1, his mom and Safaree. A-1 was fuming, hopped hopped in Lyrica G's car and drove it away. Meanwhile, his mom and Lyrica G were ready to get into another rumble in the front yard.

Things went from bad to worse once Lyrica got home. After her mom and A-1 blew up her own with texts, she came back to see A1 and his mom ready to confront Lyrica about her mother. And while they knew she's not pleased about Lyrica G's reaction to the elopement, they didn't expect her to fight back and defend her mom. Everyone's true colors came out and made all of us question whether or not A-1 and Lyrica could stay married.

Another wedding that had its own fair share of road bumps just hit another major one. Although Ray was ready to go all-in with the wedding planning with Princess, the moment his mother entered. Not only did she not like Princess' decor choices, she candidly admitted again that she wasn't pleased with the wedding altogether. And it's only weeks away.

Things got worse when Princess walks in on Ray with his arms around some sexy women during a shoot. With only weeks before they say, "I do," Princess didn't appreciate it, and they started arguing.

Will they be able to make it to their wedding? Tune in next week to find out.

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