Holy Kelly Clarkson! One of our local Maine Musicians had made it onto the hit primetime TV show, American Song Contest, which premiered last night!

Kelly Clarkson will be the host of this amazing new show based off of the Eurovision Contest, whereas song-writers from all different countries around the world compete to win. Snoop Dog is involved and will be a mentor! My hero, Celine Dion won this contest in 1974, when it was hosted in Ireland.

Now, they are bringing this show to America and involving all 50 states. We are going to get a chance, as a state to represent in this contest. Each state will be represented by one musician.

News Center Maine reported that, King Kyote who's real name is John King, is from York and recently moved to Portland, was chosen to represent Maine and they had a chance to chat with him via video! According to the video, King Kyote says, he thinks the show is a "killer format" and that he was,

"really happy to hear that he'd be performing my own song, unlike the other competition-like shows."

King Kyote via Newscentermaine

Below is the YouTube video of News Center Maine's interview with King Kyote!

According to USA Today, the contest goes for 8 weeks on NBC. The article goes onto say,

"56 vocalists representing each U.S. state and territory will compete on “Song Contest,” including famous singers like Jewel (representing Alaska), Michael Bolton (Connecticut) and Macy Gray (Ohio), along with lesser-known talents."

Executive Producer, Audrey Morrissey adds in the article, 

“This show is not for the 15-year-old whose family doesn't know they sing, and they are going to come out on 'The Voice' or 'American Idol' or ('America's Got Talent') and blow people away,” Morrissey explains. “This is a professional platform. This is for the artists, the person who is committed to, ‘This is what I'm doing in my life, and I've been grinding it and working it on the road for years.’”

Wow! I am so excited about this!

King Kyote said when being interviewed by News Center Maine that the producers found him and he did not approach the show. King Coyote said,

"The opportunity came up and I was really stoked to have it work out."

The music he creates is rock n' roll. He shows you a sneak peak of the song he wrote for the show here! Or visit his Facebook page here!

We are excited to see how King Kyote performs and how he does reppin' Maine!

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