Effective July 1, 2018, if you are not 21-years old, then you can forget about looking cool with a Marlboro or Camel hanging out of your mouth. Maine has upped the age limit from 18 to 21-years old if you're going to buy or smoke here.

Recently, we thought we would tap into what our audiences thought about the new age limit for consumers of dip, smoke, and tobaccy to see what they thought about it.

Here is what many of you thought about the new smoking age limit.

Let me just say that many people weighed in on our social media sites. There were many for and against the new age limit, and for various reasons. You certainly could tell that they put some thought into their comments.

Think Stock
Think Stock

That said, here are the results of our unscientific poll.

81-percent of those polled did not agree with the new smoking age. Here were some of the reasons why they disagreed with it.

  • If you're old enough for the draft, then you're old enough to smoke. (Some might make the same argument for the use of alcohol, but that's another discussion for another time).
  • Should be a personal choice
  • If you're a legal adult at 18, then you should be adult enough to decide if you wish to smoke

19-percent of those polled agreed with the new smoking age. Here are some of the reasons or comments as to why they felt that way.

  • Hate smoking, so they like the age restriction
  • Tired of people smoking in the locker room and hope this changes that
  • They should have moved the smoking age to 50

Some of the comments people made about the new age limit were interesting and thought-provoking, to say the least.

One man reminded all of us that, "Politicians forget that 18-year olds can vote, can join the military and can vote them out of office." Good point.

Whether you're for the new age limit or not, you must be 21-years old to buy or consume tobacco in the Pine Tree State. And that's the way it is until someone comes along and changes it.




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