If you've got creative kids like I do, you know how important and cool LEGOs can be. Sometimes play dates are hard to come by because we're all so busy. Here's a chance to get the kiddos together with some friends and take full advantage of their inner creativity. Plus, it's something to do to keep them busy during school vacation.

"The Caribou Public Library will be having its first ever LEGO party on Wednesday, April 23 from 1-2 PM. The party is for grades 1 and up. Several completed LEGO projects will be on display by area LEGO fans including a robotic LEGO creation! Participants will have an opportunity to build their own creations with LEGO's provided by the library. Refreshments will be provided. Please call to register as space is limited at 493-4214."

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

So bring your future architects, engineers, and storytellers to the Caribou Public Library on Wednesday and watch the magic.