You may remember Lee Nelson from News Center Maine retired and went into modeling and fitness. Welcome to his first big modeling job!


How is Lee Nelson a model?

First and foremost - he's hot. Lee works through Port City Models, who booked him for two 10 hour days of shooting at High Output Studios in Portland in January along with a few other Port City models. LL Bean had a professional crew - hairstylist, set stylist, photographer - all for this shoot.

This is Lee’s first official modeling job in his new career.


Port City Models says that being a model for the LL Bean catalog is a models ‘dream job’. Plus, the experience of the shoot looks great on a resume. Lee Nelson says he loved it!

It's hard to tell that this is Lee Nelson, since we are so used to seeing this!

Stewart Smith Photography

You will have to wait for the Summer 2021 LL Bean Catalog to see a lot of his work, but if you need your Lee-as-a-model-fix, you will see him under New Arrivals at LL Bean.


It's kind of neat that YOU know this is Lee Nelson, because there's no face! But that butt is 100% Lee Nelson.  According to Port City Models, this LL Bean shoot had to be handled very differently due to Covid. Each model had to be Covid tested before walking on set every day and complete 6 Covid Safety Forms. All crew and models were required to wear masks and face shields, and only one model at a time was allowed on set. The crew had to eat in their cars because of Covid. LL Bean took the pandemic very seriously. Port City Models has been hit hard by the pandemic - this LL Bean shoot was such a nice toe dipped back in.


How can I be a model for LL Bean?

You're in luck! Port City Models is now booking teens & kids for the LL Bean Fall 2021 Catalog. They are shooting April 7th, 8th, 28th, 29th & 30th at Halo at Thompson’s Point. To be considered email photos, sizes and contact info to: Also, please check out the Port City website and Facebook pages.


What's Lee Nelson's next modeling job?

Ready for this? He's been requested to be on the cover of a Christmas romance novel by a Maine author to be published in November. I cannot wait!



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