This week's photographer is Lovena West of Mars Hill, Maine. 

She says this proud American Eagle was quite the long shot for her camera. He was just sitting watching the December snow in central Aroostook County.

Lovena West

Maine’s bald eagles are primarily fish eaters at inland settings on the lakes and rivers. Eagles perch along shorelines waiting for prey. Hunting flights are usually extended glides low over open water as the fowls try to stay dry while catching a meal on the wing. If they get too wet, they will use their wings like oars and remain on the shore or a very low perch in order to dry out before attempting to fly again.

Although some leave the state, many bald eagles remain through the winter in Maine. Scavenging carrion becomes more prevalent as ice cover greatly limits food availability.

National management guidelines have been adopted in Maine to minimize disturbances of nesting eagles under the authority of a federal law, the Bald Eagle – Golden Eagle Protection Act.

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