I love all the delicious things that pretty much grow right in your back yard.

Heck, I've picked plenty of dandelion greens off of the front yard too, so I guess it's not just limited to the back. But without even leaving my property, I can find mushrooms, wild pine nuts, greens, chives, and just down the road, I can easily go pick some fiddleheads.

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But of course, one of Maine's summer favorites is rhubarb. There's sooooo much you can do with it. You make pies, tarts, jellies, cocktails... So many things. And even better, for most of us, it grows wild right in the yard. Or if you decide to plant some, it will grow back year after year, pretty much without fail. In fact, you'll probably look to get rid of some.

But happens if you don't do anything to it at all?


I know some folks who bought a house a few years ago, and the amount of rhubarb that popped up the first spring was intimidating to say the least. This spring, they couldn't remotely keep up. As the days have dragged on, some of the rhubarb began to sprout these big huge buds, and even started to open up into the strangest looking flower.


The bud itself looks like some sort of rainbow broccoli. It's crazy. Almost kinda brain-like. And of course, I started wondering if you could eat that too. Would it just taste like sweet brocco-flower? Turns out, it's kind of like sour broccoli, like you might expect. But allegedly not as overtly sour as the lower stem of the plant.


So did you also just learn today that there's more than one edible part of the plant?

Granted everything tastes good with enough butter and a little salt and pepper, but this is a game-changer being able to eat more than just the stems. Although, the recipes pointed out, you don't really want the leaves. They're likely pretty bitter. So just pick out the veggie looking stuff and you should be good.

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I've always said, if you've got invasive things growing in your back yard, you might as well see if you can eat them. What fantastic revenge! Taking something from the yard that's trying to ruin your day, and punish it by eating it, hahaha. That's really taking control of your own destiny out back.

There are many ways you can eat rhubarb... Check these out too...

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