ARMYs and Beliebers alike are panicking after BTS' Jungkook was spotted working with Justin Bieber's producers Sunday (April 9).

Bieber's notorious manager Scooter Braun and BTS' company CEO Bang Si-Hyuk both posted photos from the studio where Jungkook was seen working with producers Andrew Watt, Cirkut and Jon Bellion.

"It is always fun to witness history. These are the moments. This is a BIG one," Braun teased on Instagram.

Watt has worked on several projects with Bieber, including the latter's Grammy-nominated 2021 hit "Peaches."

A fan on Twitter also pointed out that producer Cirkut worked on The Weeknd's Starboy.

Many fans also pointed out the similarities between the studio Jungkook was seen in and the one Bieber famously records in. Both feature lots of string lights and cozy vibes.

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"It's gonna be the biggest collab in history," a fan tweeted alongside comparison photos of Jungkook and Bieber in the studio.

Other fans noted that the two music stars are "purple-blooded" because the color is associated with both fans of BTS and Bieber, and therefore, a potential collaboration is "fated."

"Justin Bieber ft Jungkook will literally have the internet shaking," one fan tweeted.


Many fans discussed how the two singers might sound on a track together, with one person calling the possibility "completely iconic." They also included a fan-edited video of the two harmonizing on Bieber's "Off My Face."

"Imagine Jungkook's [vocals] blending with [Justin]????? EVERYBODY GONNA BE SICK OF ME," another fan expressed on Twitter.

BTS fans know that Jungkook has always admired Bieber's music, and he has even expressed his wish to collaborate with Bieber in interviews before.

One fan on Twitter noted that Jungkook is the "king of manifesting" since he's already managed to work with some of his other dream collaborators, such as Charlie Puth.

Since the group announced their plans to complete their mandatory military service, three out of seven BTS members have released solo albums: J-Hope, RM and Jimin, with a new album from Suga on the horizon as well.

Plus, oldest member Jin released a magical solo single with help from Coldplay before leaving for his enlistment.

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