If you grew up in the 80s, 90s, or 00s, there is a good chance you had that friend who was obsessed with having a the loudest car stereo in town.  This guy (it was almost always a boy or young man) was all about having a stereo capable of bursting ear drums and shattering glass.

This person probably ticked off almost every other person around them, with the exception of the other teens and young adults who were into really loud stereos, of course.

They may have been annoying, but were they breaking the law?  Well, that depends on how loud they had their stereo turned up.

According to the Maine Legislature website, a vehicle that has their radio turned up to excessive levels could be fined for it.  The determination of whether or not the law has been violated is based on a certain decibel level of volume at 25 feet from the vehicle.  But, having enough volume or bass to rattle windows is also a basis, regardless of distance.

The statute says:

§2079-A. Excessive sound system noise

1.  Prohibition.  A person may not operate a sound system in a vehicle on a public way at a volume that is audible at a distance of greater than 25 feet and that exceeds 85 decibels or that is greater than is reasonable with due regard to the location of the vehicle and the effect on persons in proximity to the vehicle. It is a prima facie violation of this section if the vehicle is located near buildings and the buildings or windows in the buildings are shaken or rattled by the sound of the sound system.

The fine for a first offense is $50.  It is a $100 fine for a second offense.  The fine for a 3rd offense is $150.

So, enjoy your pimped out stereo, but please be aware that others around you may not want to feel like they are at a concert every time you drive by them.

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