Their is nothing more fun than day dreaming about dumb things. Like, what would my life be if I followed my 6 year old dream of becoming an astronaut?

I got to thinking about I love watching films. Action, Adventure, Crime, Horror, Supernatural, Romance, pretty much all the films.

Then I thought about the cities in our state and which film would match with which city. My mind went crazy because each city has a certain vibe or attitude. Like Sebago had a tornado, so their city could be represented as the iconic movie, Twister, starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.

Do you get my drift? Each of our cities could star as their own famous movie, that's already been made and I am so into it.

Another example would be Cape Elizabeth. What movie would I match with that city? Glad you asked, that particular city in Maine is screaming Stepford Wives! With their beautifully large homes and perfectly manicured lawns, it just makes sense.

What would your city be if it was a famous movie?

Check out what I came up with below for what movie each city in Maine would represent!

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