This one goes out to the jerk on the Mapleton Road on Thursday evening. Pay attention to what you're doing on the road and grow up. I was on my way home to say bye to my family for the weekend. Let me set the scene for all the readers out who I know are responsible drivers. 


The Scene

It was a little after 4 p.m. and I was traveling out of Presque Isle on the Mapleton Road going by the Presque Isle Airport landing strip. For the routine travelers of this route, you know that this is essentially a flat straight away piece of road.  

During drive times this can be a very busy road with many people going into or leaving the Star-City for work. In the morning time motorists are usually aware that buses and tanker trucks will be stopping at the railroad tracks that I had just passed over. This isn't a problem in the evening because most of the busses are already off the roads.  

Check out the marks my vehicle made

I was alert as I was heading home to send off my wife and daughter for the weekend for a girls trip. As I'm moving along, I notice a silver car approaching me very quickly and that the car is in my lane! I don’t have as many stunt hours behind the wheel as Vin Diesel, but in this moment, I felt like Dom Torreto would be very proud of my maneuvering to avoid a terrible collision.  

JC/TSM These are the marks left from my vehicle. I'd say the guy was more than just touching the yellow line. He was in my lane

Presque Isle Animal Hospital Parking Lot. I'm sorry if I tore through in a rage! 

As I regained control of the vehicle, I pulled into Presque Isle Animal Hospital and quickly turned around to make sure the other vehicle was fine and did not go off the road. Although, I'll admit in the heat of the moment I was wishing to find the car off the side of the road. What did I find, you ask? I saw the silver car take off as fast as they could towards Presque Isle in an attempt to get away from me.  

JC/TSM Presque Isle Animal Hospital. This is where I was able to catch my breath.

I was able to get close to this vehicle as it got to town and was about to be held up by a stop light at the famous 5-finger intersection of Presque Isle. Guess what happened? The "brave” driver behind the wheel tried to cut through a grocery store parking lot to avoid me. I saw this and was able to cut off the driver in a way by taking a short cut I was able to spot. The man had a look of shock when he saw the nose of my vehicle right at his driver's window. The jerk then decided to punch the gas one more time and sped away on State Street going towards Northern Maine Community College. I was able to identify that the driver was an adult male who had an adult male passenger.

To paraphrase a famous boxer "Like a sissy, he ran"

The irresponsible man children made attempts to hide from me in various driveways around NMCC. I saw every stop you made. I have your license plate number. I have your description. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt but you decided to be a coward about what had happened. I have a pretty good idea as to what was going on at the time you nearly took me from my beautiful wife and my innocent 8-year-old daughter. You need to get off of the roads immediately.  

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Hey dude here's a nickel's worth of free advice: Next time you might be in the wrong, just face it like an adult. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt but your actions after our close encounter on the road showed me exactly who you are. To everyone else, have a great weekend and be alert! 

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