Now that we are well into the Maine summer the days of high humidity are upon us. Many of us long for these days when we are scraping our windshield off in sub-zero temperatures. But much like those brutal winter days, the summer days do come with their nuisances.

The most common complaint I heard this weekend was about the "toilet sweat” that comes with the more humid and damp days. You usually first notice this happening on the tank and there are times when the sweat will leak out of the bottom of the toilet and onto the floor.

The dreaded "M" word..

First off, have no fear this is not a sign of your plumbing backing up. The sweaty moisture (I know, I'm sorry) is no reason to panic. This issue is caused by a buildup of condensation due to a difference in air temperature and the water temperature inside of the toilet and tank.

For some people they do not realize this to be a potential issue and then an unattended sweating toilet can lead to extensive floor damage. You do not want problems to develop in your bathrooms because it won't take long and a simple fix turns into a trip to the bank for a remodeling loan.

Luckily this issue can be easily monitored and remedied. Here are just a few simple tips to help you take care of that perspiring throne.  

Get a towel 

Simple. Just grab a towel or two and dab off the area then place a towel around the base of the tank. This will absorb most of the moisture and will keep it from spreading to more areas of the floor.  

Cool Down 

Since we know the likely cause of the sweat is a difference in air temperature you can find a way to cool the area down. Open the door and ventilate the area as much as possible and you will see this help cool the area and keep it dry.  

Reduce, if possible. 

If you are a handy person, you may reduce the amount of water in your tank. Of course, this depends on the type of toilet you have. I am not telling you how to do this. I am not the person to be passing along the specifics. You need to contact a pro.  

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Like flushing money down the toilet 

Hey you don't want a small issue to become a much larger issue. You may need to install and new toilet all together. If that is all you have to do then you might be considered lucky. A newer toilet can be beneficial in a lot of ways. They can be more efficient on your water bill and the right model can regulate the temperature to reduce moisture. You're welcome.  

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