This unique lobster was caught right here in Maine and he's helping kids thanks to Emily Coye.

Emily Coye
About 6 years ago, Emily and her father David each had 5 recreational lobster traps in Pine Point, Maine. One day they pulled up a lobster with a third claw.  Emily thought it was so unique that he looked like he was giving everyone a thumbs up! This is where the story's inspiration came from. 
Not many know this but this bolstering trip was my fiance and my second date (they are getting married in September)! 
Emily Coye
Emily Coye became inspired to become an author after seeing deeper meaning in a lobster caught off the coast of Maine.  She didn't just see a physical difference, she saw a powerful story! Emily’s first book, Thumbs Up For All, is a book about celebrating differences. The story takes readers on the journey of a real Maine lobster who is quite unique! He learns to stand up for his differences while others learn that being different is what makes the world so special. 
Emily self published her book in May 2017 and is on her second edition already! 
Emily Coye Great Falls
Emily sells her book in many retail locations on the coast of Maine from Wells to Bar Harbor. She also does school visits to teach kids about the importance of kindness. Information on this, along with ordering information, can be found at
Emily Coye
A second book, Annette Full of Friends, is in the works with hopes of going to publication very soon. This book, like Thumbs Up For All, is a rhyming story but with more puns and silliness tucked inside. It is about not judging a book by its cover, forming your own opinions, and unlikely friendships.