Live in Portland long enough and you'll meet a cast of characters. Those characters are people who are complete and utter strangers to you on a personal level but you just happen to see or run into at a startlingly recurrent pace. As an example, anyone who lived and worked in Portland was familiar with "the whistler", whether they actually knew him or not. Well, there's a new character making a name for himself around Portland these days and we're referring to him as "horse guy".

Shared on Twitter by SalvageBBQ, horse guy spent Tuesday being very busy across town. As you can see in the above photo, it appears he stopped for a photo op or to offer up directions to someone who may have been lost. Who better to ask where a side street is than a guy riding horseback down a busy street? It sounds ridiculous but actually makes plenty of sense.

Shared on Twitter by Lucille Balls, the adventure didn't stop there for horse guy, as after a long day of riding through the city, nothing tastes better than a cold one from a local tavern. As with essentially every restaurant and bar in Portland, there's no designated parking for your horse. There's also no real place to tie them to a post either.

This isn't the first time horse guy has caused a little stir in town. Last August, several people had to do double takes along Fore Street as horse guy visited Rosie's. Oh, and in case you're wondering, there are no city ordinances or Maine state laws prohibiting riding your horse in the city.

Although we're kind of curious what a horse parking ticket would run you.

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