Delivering a child, naturally or cesarean, is never an easy task. But while you're on your back, you never want to hear your obstetrician say these 5 phrases.

Something else that can be irritating during childbirth is when a well-meaning family member is there trying to help the doctor. At some point, you just want them out of the delivery room.

Getting back to the doctor. A lot may be said and conversations may be exchanged while you're in the delivery room, but for the sake of Pete, just hope you never hear your obstetrician say these things while you're in there.

  1. "I Think I'm Gonna Pass Out" - If your doc passes out, your husband might be stuck delivering ole' Johnny boy. That would be quite an adventure.
  2. "Uh-oh, It's Got A Big Head" - If the kids head is that big, you might be saying goodbye to your pelvic bone. Sometimes women might feel like they're giving birth to Andre the Giant, rather than their new addition to the family.
  3. "I'll Be Right Back!" - You're thinking, "Ah, no you won't because you're not going anywhere, pal!" This may happen when you're not dilated enough. It may be a good time for the doc to grab a snack or get rid of some coffee she had recently.
  4. "This Is My First Time" - Oh, joy! There's nothing worse than a doctor's first delivery who's hands are constantly shaking and the nurse has to coach him through it. We all know that a doctor has experienced his first delivery, but you just don't want it to be yours!
  5. "Ahhh, They Need To Come Look At This" - O.K., who's "they" and what in the world are they looking at? Surprises in the delivery room are bad enough, but the last thing you need is 10 people standing around looking down there, taking notes and asking questions.

If you are expecting, we hope you have a good experience. However, just be aware that these things could happen, but you never want them to happen to you.

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