Being involved in an accident is bad enough. Add to that the worry of when a pet disappears from the scene of that accident and the stress of that situation is instantly compounded.

That's just what happened Wednesday morning when a dog went missing from the scene of a motor vehicle accident in Hermon.

The dog's owners are asking folks to be on the lookout for this sweet pup, Daisy.

Daisy the dog, owner
Daisy the dog, owner

Daisy is a 2-year-old brown-haired mix. She got loose when her owner was involved in a crash that had much of Rt. 2 in Hermon shut down Wednesday.

One of Daisy's owners was taken from the scene to a nearby hospital to be evaluated. That's when the dog got loose and ran off.

The family has had the dog since she was a puppy. They say Daisy is a super friendly dog but tends to be cautious around new people, so if you do happen to spot her, please don't chase her down.

Instead, they'd like you to call (207) 944-2496 to let them know the area in which you see her.

At last check, Daisy was seen in the area of Hillcrest Drive in Hermon, not far from the location of the crash.

If you happen to spot Daisy, please call her owner or the Animal Control Officer.

The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the crash which took place between 3 different vehicles in the area of Black Stream Road around 8 AM Wednesday morning.

Still no word on what caused the accident, who was involved, or what their current conditions are. We will update the story as soon as more information becomes available.

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