I had no idea that there were so many scary things about Maine. Did you know that all over this state there are some pretty freaky urban legends? Have you heard of these...or been there?





Okay, this will give you nightmares. According to Only In Your State, a group of teenagers dared a friend to be lowered into a well in Sabattus. The well, in the back of a cemetery, was haunted. The boy wanted to impress his friends, so he was on a tire and lowered into the well until his friends couldn't see him. When the rope stopped moving, they pulled him back up. The kid that went into the well was not the kid they pulled up. He was completely changed including his hair turning white! He looked like an old man and had gone insane! The legend says that he randomly screams from the windows of the county mental institution where he now lives. Uh...that's freaky.






Pocomoonshine Lake is in Washington County and has some sort of monster living in it! Some Mainers say they have seen the monster that looks like a snake and leaves a trail when it leaves the lake. No one has ever been able to get a picture, but the legend goes that it's anywhere from 30 - 60 feet long and dates all the back to 1873.






There are lots of legends of this lighthouse being haunted. And not friendly ghosts! One urban legend says the lighthouse is haunted by the ghost of fisherman, Howard Hobbs, who shot and killed his landlord Fred Milliken in 1896. According to legend, Hobbs and his roommate, William Moses, had been drinking a lot when Millikin asked about their overdue rent. Hobbs wasn't in the mood and shot Millikin, then shot himself - inside the lighthouse. That's when people saw shadows and heard moaning in the lighthouse. In 1972, they took the light out and that meant that they didn't need to have a keeper there. But legend has it, if you visit...you can still hear the moans!






This is a spooky one. On a wooded road in the outskirts of Haynesville (Aroostock County) a newlywed couple were driving on a dark winter night. The groom was drunk and lost control of the car, hit a telephone pole and he was killed. After the young bride crawled out of the car and made it back to the road, she waited for hours for someone to drive by. But it was so snowy, no one was on the road and no one came to help. The legend says that she stayed in the same place...in her wedding dress and eventually froze to death. People have said they have seen her just outside the Haynesville Woods wandering...still looking for help.






This fort at Pemaquid Beach in Bristol and is haunted by Native American Chief Taukolexis (oh oh..think Poltergeist!) He was killed by hanging near the fort in 1696 and is said to "live" in the same tree where he was hanged. People say they have seen him as a white orb near the entrance at the front of the fort. I've been to this fort...I did not see him.

Have you been to these places? Do you know where that well is in Sabattus? Totally freaky stuff!



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