Hannaford Supermarkets announced plans today to hire another 2,000 associates at stores throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Massachusetts.

The hiring effort is designed to support stores, associates and customers during a period of increased demand related to the global health pandemic, as well as providing additional capacity for Hannaford's curbside pickup service.

Since mid-March, Hannaford has hired more than 2,200 store associates.

The supermarket chain is also working with major employers in the hospitality, tourism and retail industries to connect furloughed workers with open positions within its stores.

“We are actively growing the Hannaford team and expediting our efforts to hire and train new associates. Expanding our team will allow us to better serve our customers while continuing to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our shoppers and associates,” said Hannaford Supermarkets Director of Talent Development Scott LeClair. “Hannaford is an exciting place to work filled with a lot of opportunity. As a company, we welcome diversity, encourage career growth and celebrate teamwork. Our stores are a place where you can really make a difference right now.”

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