It seems like every year around Christmas, someone comes up with a creative way to play a holiday jingle. If you're a gun lover, then you'll love this.

From barking dogs to meowing cats, to little kids, people have posted all kinds of unique and creative Christmas jingle videos. These guys have upped their game by adding some really cool automatic weapons to the mix!

However, if you're gun enthusiasts, and there are many out there, then you'll love what the Black Rifle Coffee Company has embedded on their Facebook page.

It shows two men, one with a sleeveless, ugly Christmas sweater, and even a showing of old St. Nick himself, playing Jingle Bells by blasting their automatic weapons off of some metal tiles.

Not much more to say, except enjoy the video below. And feel free to pass it along as a holiday greeting to the gun lovers in your life. They're sure to have a 'blast!'

Merry Christmas!

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