As the demand for more vegan options rise, Maine restaurants and supermarkets begin to step up to offer more chooices.

Several restaurants in Maine have plenty of vegan options on their menu and the ones that don't are starting to expand to the plant based diet options.

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According to the Press Herald even Whole Foods Market, Maine's leader in vegan options, has seen a huge increase in the demand for vegan food. Last Thanksgiving, for example, the store sold sold three times the number of vegan holiday meals than it did the year before.

Hannaford supermarkets in Maine will begin stocking the meat department with the Beyond Meat vegan burger which has a texture a lot like hamburger.

At Slab Sicilian Street Food more and more customers are asking for plant-based cheese when they order pizza, which has to be ordered at least 3 hours ahead of time, but can be done.

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The growing demand for more vegan options matches the National trend from GlobalData’s “Top Trends in Prepared Foods 2017”  which reports that the past three years have seen a 600 percent increase in Americans identifying as vegans.