For anyone looking to squeeze in some late summer memories with friends and family can take a trip to Goughan's Farm in Caribou and take on this year's corn maze. The farm announced the opening of the maze on their Facebook page and gave us a look into this year's design. As the post says, Farmer Mark helped the Farmer's Daughters learn more about creating such an amazing piece of art among the crops.

The Amazing World of Pollinators will be open Monday through Saturday 8-5 and on Sundays from 10-5. Children 5 and under are free, and everyone else is $8.50 per person. Have you ever navigated a corn maze? In 2019, the farm on the Fort Fairfield Road, designed a maze to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. The design was unique and provided us with a challenge as we tried to enter and exit the proper way.

When you are done with the corn maze you can get an ice cream at Goughan's while you recap the adventure through the Amazing World of Pollinators. I encourage anyone that visits Goughans in the coming weeks to check out all of the products that they provide throughout the year. They do have mini golf if you are looking for an activity that might make dad happy after he lugs the backpack filled with drinks and snacks to get everyone through the maze.  

As always, check the forecast before you head out to the corn maze and dress appropriately. You can make this a full afternoon or you can go as soon as the kids have had enough. Have fun and enjoy the late summer and fall in Aroostook County!

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