If this election cycle has seemed like the Hundred Years’ War, rest assured it will be over in the morning.  The months of unrelenting news coverage of the candidates, the social media shouting matches,  the opinion polls, the negative ads,  the wide distortions of issues,  the clusters of signs waving from the curbs, and the robo-calls during supper will all fade. There will be winners and there will be losers. But will all the political clamor disappear like the last vestiges of some strange, restless dream?  If it could only be so simple.

I’m thinking we won’t just casually check the election results, celebrate the victories and acknowledge the defeats, make a cup of tea and move on to the next thing.  Because no matter how it comes out for the various political factions, “we the people” are more than idle spectators. Many of us have invested a sizable among of mental and emotional energy in being a good, concerned American citizen, dang it! And after being confronted with the campaign blitzkrieg for the bulk of 2012, it’s going to take more than just a Wednesday after the election to recover.  For those who in any way got addicted to the drama, it might even be time to check in to rehab.

Post Election Stress Syndrome is a real issue and can’t be ignored. So, take a look in the mirror and make that change.  Right now seems like the best time for a break from facebook, a TV blackout, a trip to Bermuda, that Yoga class you’ve been thinking about, to take up pipe smoking or skeet shooting, read a book, or better yet,  a whole series of books.  Maybe herbal tea would help… say, one cup for every day of this political roller coaster ride.  Take up skiing, cribbage, Gangnam style dancing, anything! Whatever it takes to feel that you’ve landed back at “normal.”  Maybe one of these politicians  could propose a national holiday to celebrate the end of the election.  I’d vote for it.