You don't even have to have been a resident in Maine for long to know that you don't illegally dump things in our beautiful woods. Some didn't get the memo.

The Maine Game Wardens and some folks from the Standish ATV and Snowmobile Club found something that was illegally dumped in the woods and pulled it out.

Can you believe it was.........a boat? Yes, a boat!

"An amazing amount of work was done today by hundreds of volunteers, game wardens and forest rangers to help private land owners keep their land free of illegally dumped liter (to include boats). Thank-you volunteers for all of your hard work today...well done!"


Check out the Video Below, but just so you know, you can't illegally dump stuff in the woods of Maine. So if you have a boat, truck, snowmobile, or any other vehicle, take it to a junk yard and keep it out of the woods.


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