Hospitality industry has suffered greatly throughout the pandemic. Workers are upset at many different restaurants, bars and other food companies for not following CDC guidelines. 

Their has been pandemic confrontations in the work place between employees, patrons, managers, and owners of food services.

According to Today, food workers have been speaking out about the vicious cycle in their industry. The article goes on to say, "Restaurant workers have dealt with increasing levels of bad behavior from customers amid the coronavirus pandemic."

Portland Pie Company has experienced this frustration as well. This Sunday, seven employees walked out in protest, leaving a manager and another employee behind to run the place.

This was due to raising tensions and concerns surrounding Covid guidelines and workers feeling, under appreciated, over worked and simply not safe.

According to an article from The Sun Journal, Ashley McAndrew, a former bartender from Portland Pie Co said,

"There was just a perfect storm on top of all the COVID stuff."

Ashley McAndrew

Allegedly Portland Pie Co did not enforce a mask requirement for its employees or give  customers the recommendation of wearing them.

Even more concerning, McAndrew says that after an employee was tested positive for Covid, none of the workers were notified about this so that they could properly quarantine or prepare themselves.

She also added that their was no public announcement on infection and they did not close temporarily to practice safety as so many other companies have done.

Requests from employees about adopting a more protective structure to deal with the pandemic as well as continuous pleads of transparency were all ignored.

Maine hasn't official enforced any Covid requirements to restaurants yet but encourage all to practice safety.

The stress became unbearable for McAndrew and other employees which ultimately resulted in them walking out of their job and taking a stand against the owners and managers of Portland Pie Co.

Portland Pie has yet to comment on the walk out but it has been said in a statement but CEO Jeff Perkins, that they follow all Maine and U.S. CDC guidelines to specific restaurants.

This story will be closely followed and will be reported on with any future updates.

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