The Fort Fairfield Police Department has recovered stolen property from several recent thefts and burglaries including one on Tuesday afternoon at a local equipment storage shop.

Police responded around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday to a report of a burglary at a shop owned by McGillan Inc. on the Currier Road in Fort Fairfield, according to Police Chief Matthew Cummings. The owner reported multiple items had been stolen. McGillan Inc. is an earthwork contractor.

Search of Home Yields Stolen Items from Several Burglaries & Thefts

Upon investigating the scene and working leads, Chief Cummings and Officer Cody Fenderson obtained a search warrant for a residence on the Currier Road. During the search of the home, police discovered multiple stolen items, including property allegedly taken from McGillan’s storage shop.

Fort Fairfield Police also recovered stolen power tools from a burglary on the Marshall Road on property owned by Staples Farms of Presque Isle, Chief Cummings said. Other stolen items were found during the search, which police connected with six separate open theft/burglary cases. The owners were contacted and have all positively identified the recovered items as their property.

There are multiple suspects in this case and arrests are forthcoming, Cummings said. If you have any more information that may be helpful, you are asked to call the Fort Fairfield Police Dept. at 472-3808. Officer Fenderson is the lead investigating officer.

A destructive break-in at a pet-grooming salon in Fort Fairfield

On Tuesday morning, Fort Fairfield police charged a 26-year-old man in connection with a break-in at Charlie’s Doggie Day Spa. The owner reported the pet grooming salon was vandalized the night before, and equipment was broken and tools were taken.

It’s not known if this case was related to the others. Fort Fairfield police say they will release more information as their investigation unfolds.

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