The Farmers' Almanac has been predicting the weather forecast since the publication started in 1818.

Farmers' Almanac Long Range Weather Forecast

The long range weather forecast for March in Maine, New England and the Northeast has been posted and this is what it calls for.


March Storms and Nice Weather

March starts out with clouds, mild temperatures and moderate rain. In the middle of the month, it gets frigid as temps drop. The third week of March, a rain and wind storm leads to snow. The last week of March, it warms up again before it gets cold with more snow and heavy rain. Here’s how it breaks down.

The Farmers' Almanac Forecast for March 2024

  • March 1 - 3: Clouds, mild precipitation and moderate temps.
  • March 4 - 7: Coastal storms, heavy wind, snow and rain
  • March 8 - 11: Clouds and seasonal temps
  • March 12 - 15: Frigid temperatures
  • March 16 - 19: Rain, heavy at times, and storing winds
  • March 20 - 23: Snow storm with mixed precipitation
  • March 24 - 27: Warming up
  • March 28 - 31: Snow storm and colder
Vitaliy Halenov - Thinkstock
Vitaliy Halenov - Thinkstock

Local Weather Forecast for Northern Maine

The local weather forecast for Northern Maine is calling for up to 4” of snow Thursday, March 7 into Friday, March 8. Up to 12” of snow is possible Sunday, March 10 into Monday, March 11.

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Weather Resources

For more info about the Farmers' Almanac’s forecast. Keep up to date with the weather on our homepage.

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