According to the weekly report from the State of Maine, the fall foliage is just about gone with the coast being at peak and the rest of the state is past peak. Gees that did happen quickly. But I walk in the wood just about every day and while I am still seeing a lot of lovely trees in Central Maine, I am seeing a lot of green leaves as well. The thing with foliage is you never know where you will see the best beati-fall look around where ever you go. You will find it and enjoy it...after all...winter is coming.

Like every year the colors will come first in norther Maine and move south starting September and all of October. It is hard to give you any exact dates for the best color so that is why the weekly reports help guide you if you are a leaf peeper. But in my experience, just keep your eyes open, there will be a day or two it will just take your breath away it is so beautiful. I have also noticed there is normally one day each fall…a windy, stormy day…that will wipe out most of the leaves.

Fall officially arrived on September 22 at 9:21 am.  According to the Farmers’ Almanac (the one from Lewiston with the green and orange cover) says it will start out nice with a stormy turn towards the end of the season.  The Farmers’ Almanac also suggested October for Maine foliage.

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