Have you been mesmerized by watching all the Curling during the current Winter Olympic Games in Bejing? US TOO!  I love curling and I have no idea what the rules are or what the heck is going on when I watch. Is it like bowling meets shuffleboard meets bocci meets me shoveling my walkway?  And I love how the teammates from all the different countries scream at each other in all these different languages. I am all in to learn more. Ahh, curling...the game with the ice...and the round things...and the sweeping...and the yelling. Sounds like a PERFECT sport for Mainers!

Is There Curling In Maine?

Oh yes! There are over 25,000 people who curl in the US. In Maine, there are several curling clubs that invite folks from all skill levels to come together and enjoy this fun winter sport.

The Belfast Curling Club

This club, on Belmont Ave in Belfast has been at it for decades. According to their website:

"Belfast Curling Club opened officially in February 1959 on the site which had previously been flooded for outdoor curling by a group of enthusiasts. Inspired by founder and first president, Dr. Norman E. Cobb and friends from the St. Stephen, New Brunswick Curling Club, volunteer masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and laborers built the club on donated land - even making their own 5,000 cinderblocks."




The Pine Tree Curling Club

In Southern Maine, you can partake in curling at the Pine Tree Club at the Troubh Ice Arena (formerly Portland Ice Arena). The club currently has over 50 members and holds "learn to curl" events throughout the season. You can get those dates and more info on the club HERE but act fast because they often sell out.


If you want to try and make sense of what you are watching at the Olympics, check out this quick 2-minute video on the basics of curling. See you on the sheet!

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