While there are a variety of ways to get around rural Maine, the most unique way has got to be on a "railcycle".

What Is A Railcycle?

According to this video posted by Fit Maine, the name pretty much says it all.

They are two-seater frames that have two seats, two sets of pedals, and four wheels.  The are the proper width to ride on a set of railway tracks.  They are like a train version of a pedal boat.

Pretty cool, eh?

Where Can I Ride One?

In Central Maine, you can ride a railcycle at the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad.  From their base of operations in Thorndike, riders pedal their way down a couple miles of track.  At the end, they pick the cycle up and turn it around so they can pedal back.  The outbound leg is on a slight incline, so you can really fly on the trip back.

Throughout the summer, the company runs three excursions per day.  9 AM, 11:20 AM, and 1:30 PM.


What about the price?  From what we have seen on the website, the price for a one hour (well, about one hour) excursion costs $40 per cycle.  A railcycle, by the way, fits two

Get more details HERE

If riding on a normal (non-pedal powered) train is more your thing, the B&ML Railroad runs a bunch of different normal and themed rides.  For example, on July 30th, they'll be running their Pizza & Whoopie Pie Train.  Get more details about the railroad from their website.

Have you ever ridden on a railcycle?  What did you think?

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