We have some brutal temperatures across the state right now so parents are reminded to dress kids in several layers, in cold weather, but don't overdo it.

Is It Possible to Overdress?

A brutal cold snap has hit the state, so it's important for all of us to dress for warmth, more than for fashion. Of course, this can be tough with kids who deal with peer pressure and don't necessarily want to be smart about their attire. The best defense against icy Maine winters is to dress in layers, which can work with kids if you get the right layers that are comfortable and easy to manage once they get to school. Of course, it's important to practice moderation and not go crazy, like Randy's Mom in 'A Christmas Story.' Too many clothes can hinder movement and aren't really any more effective than dressing properly.

So What Do You Suggest?

The layers should be comfortable and easy for them to take on and off. Think loose fleece pullovers, rather than sweaters with zippers or buttons, especially for very young children. Hats and gloves are also important but make sure they're something the child will wear.

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Gloves should fit well and, preferably, be waterproof. Kids love to play in the snow and frozen wet gloves will do the opposite of keeping them warm.

tatyana_tomsickova, ThinkStock
tatyana_tomsickova, ThinkStock

What Do I Do When My Kid Won't Wear a Scarf?

I really like putting kids in gaiters, rather than scarves. A gaiter, if you're not familiar, is like a tube of fleece that you slide over your head. It keeps your neck warm, can insulate your face if you pull it up over your mouth, but doesn't have flying ends like a scarf that can get caught on things. And it's much easier for kids to deal with, rather than tying a scarf.

Halfpoint, ThinkStock
Halfpoint, ThinkStock

Snow pants are an essential if the kids are going to be playing outside, although they may not put them on once they get to school. If they're like I was, they'll forget them at school when they go home. Finally, consider tucking a pair of dry gloves and dry socks in their backpacks 'just in case.'

Finally, the children should have a place to store those layers, once they take them off, like a backpack or a cubby in the classroom. A comfortable child is going to be much more open to learning, than one who is overly warm or chilly.

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