"The virus is in every state. The question is, do we have the right systems in place right now to detect this silent spread?" Birx said Tuesday before the roundtable. "We see the physical distancing, the masks in public spaces. We need people to focus on personal protection. Where people are getting fatigued and letting down their guard is in private settings." she said in her conference, which was recorded by News Center Maine.

Doctor Birx also mentioned that even though Maine has very low numbers compared to other states, we can't be lax about our precautions. If we're not testing or (because), we don't have any symptoms. The virus will just spread silently.
during a later on a roundtable discussion, when asked about President Trump having his rallies, Doctor Birx said clearly,

"I give him the same advice that I give everyone else socially distant and wear a mask."

This all comes after the news of the first US case of reinfection out of Nevada's state for COVID-19 and the president just testing negative for the first time since contracting the virus. President Trump also proclaimed himself cured and feeling better than he was 20 years ago. What are your thoughts? Are you prepared to keep up the battle against covid 19, or are you more like yeah, I'm over it! Let us know.

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