Maybe he is to blame for our awful winters and this cold spring!

You may of heard his name or seen his image used on Maine memorabilia, but do you know the legend of Pamola?

According to long told lore from Abenaki culture Pamola is a half man, half bird, and part moose. He lives on Maine's tallest mountain, Katahdin, and it is here that he controls the weather. His specialty is creating cold when he is upset.

The Penobscot nation people called Pamola the god of thunder and the protector of the mountain. But they also feared him and respected his need for privacy. It is believed that is why early climbers of the mountain were discouraged. It was understood that the more people who intruded on the mountain, the more angry Pamola gets. In fact In the 1800's famous Henry David Thoreau wrote of Pamola:

Only daring and insolent men, perchance, go there. Their tops are sacred and mysterious tracts never visited by them. Pamola is always angry with those who climb to the summit of Ktaadn

Thanks to Baxter Brewing  the image and reminder of Pamola is seen quite frequently! Do you believe in the spirit of Maine's greatest mountain?

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