The Fort Fairfield Police are asking for the public for assistance in helping to stop a person or persons, who have been making a disgusting mess at the Riverside Pavilion. This the second time in as many weeks that the department was called to the park to deal with messes left at the public park. 

In a Facebook post over the weekend, the department said that in the previous week when they responded, that human feces were left some picnic tables inside of the pavilion building. Disgusting! The mess was not discovered until it was time for a family to host a child's birthday party at the pavilion the next morning. It's apparent that this is no mistake or one time incident and whoever you are, you are not communicating your message to well.

As you can see from the picture the department posted that the mess left this weekend looked suspicious at best. To the person or persons who are doing this, you might want to add some potassium to your diet. You may also want to talk to a doctor about your regularity because it's apparent you are having some trouble controlling yourself. There is no excuse for these actions. This is a public space that we should all feel comfortable going to for a birthday party, a walk, or even a picnic.  

If you happen to be reading this and have knowledge of the incidents you can contact the Fort Fairfield Police Department on their Facebook page or call them at 472-3800. Have a nice day and be sure to keep your hands, and feces, to yourself.

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