The Chicago Cubs erased the burden of carrying a frustrated fan base's disappointment for 108 years with their intense World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians.

It's a story bigger than sports -- it's reflection of how loyal fans can be and how they can finally be rewarded for sticking by their team (a lesson this Indians fan will hopefully remember), knowing that some things will one day end.

There's the scene outside of Wrigley, which erupted after the final out:

There's the man who broke down in tears.

That's going to cause your eyes to well up, as will this image of fans who used the occasion to pay tribute to fans who died without ever seeing their beloved Cubbies hoist a World Series trophy.

This little boy hasn't been around long enough to have experienced the level of anxiety and frustration other fans have, but he still was overcome by the moment:

This senior citizen also savored the moment, as did a few other old-timers who may have never thought they'd see the Cubs win the title:

If your heart wants to be tugged some more, look no further than this man who listened to the seventh game of the Series on the radio at his father's gravestone.

Those are all certainly moving, but maybe you're looking for something a little more amusing, like this man who stashed a beer away after the Cubs blew the NLCS in 1984.

And, to top it off, the Cubs released this video after the final out. And, yes, that's huge fan Eddie Vedder singing.

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