MAINE UPDATE: Tuesday's report from the Maine Center for Disease Control shows 182 new coronavirus cases and no deaths. Maine residents ages 60-69 will be eligible to receive the vaccine starting Wednesday as the state shifts to an age-based system for vaccinations. So far, more 231,000 people in Maine have received their first dose of the COVID vaccine. Another 124,000 are fully vaccinated.

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NEW BRUNSWICK UPDATE: New Brunswick Public Health reported one new case of COVID-19 Monday and three recoveries. The number of active cases continues to go down in the province- now at 36. Two people are hospitalized and both in intensive care. Vaccines arriving in New Brunswick are being used to complete the vaccination for staff and residents in long-term care facilities and other groups. Clinics for more than 2,400 residents at 121 licensed long-term care facilities are slated to take place this week.

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