'Bomb threat' seems to be part of our normal vocabulary these days.  Sad.  Just sad.  There needs to be a stiff punishment for such actions.  Recently, a threat was made against CHS.  However, that threat wasn't even associated with the State of Maine or Cony High School.

The threat was made in Clovis, New Mexico and was directed at Clovis High School (CHS).  Some students and parents, locally, saw this and were concerned it was Cony High School.  Here's what Deputy Chief Jared Milled (from the Augusta Police Dept.) had to say:

"The Augusta Police Department has received several calls over the past hour in regards to a threat that happened on April 5th in Clovis New Mexico. Because Clovis High School and Cony High School are both abbreviated (CHS), several students from Cony High/Middle School and their parents have interpreted this as possible threat to our school in Augusta. Our investigation has revealed this online threat is the same one that originated in Clovis New Mexico on April 5th and is not a new threat made to Cony High School in Augusta. Several Police Departments and School Districts around the country that share the abbreviations (CHS) have fielded similar calls of concern by community members only to learn it is the same threat from Clovis New Mexico on April 5th."

Better to be safe than sorry.  Never second guess your thoughts when you are concerned.

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