It seems like every time you turn around, the crooks and scammers are scheming up new and creative ways to trick you into giving them your money.

In our Community Spotlight this week, we caught up with Tara Henderson who is the Medicare Education Coordinator for the Aroostook Agency on Aging in hopes that she would catch us up to speed on some of the latest Medicare scams that are out there.

Henderson explains,

"There's always something new. There's a new way to make a scam and new way to beat it and then there's another scam coming right behind it. It's a constant battle."

Even though these might be the facts, it doesn't stop Henderson from endeavoring to educate the public so that they won't have to be the next victim.

Another organization that has scammers in their radar is a group called the Senior Medicare Patrol. According to Henderson, they're a nation-wide organization that prioritizes investigating scams and frauds and making the public aware of them.

What To Look For

Henderson says that insurance agents are allowed to call if someone is already receiving services from their companies, unfortunately, some agents do misrepresent how their coverages work.

Some agents, who have targeted seniors, have told them all about the great benefits that they have, but fail to mention key details such as having to drive many hours to receive those benefits.

Should you have any questions concerning Medicare or if you've received a call from a potential agent trying to sell you a bill of goods, you may contact the Aroostook Agency on Aging at 207-764-3396 and they will help you to see if the call is legitimate or not.

You may also visit their website here or visit their facility which is located at 260 Main Street in Presque Isle.

When in doubt, check it out.

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