Election Day is right around the corner and a decision for voters, concerning the County Treasurer, will be on the ballot on Nov. 6th.

We caught up with Ryan Pelletier, County Administrator for Aroostook County, and he shared that a decision will be set before the voters, in November, as to whether or not they would elect to maintain an elected County Treasurer or if they would rather have one appointed by the County Commissioners.

Right now, the County Treasurer position is an elected office and the individual holding the office is elected every four years.

The Deputy County Administrator of Finance is an employee of the County government hired by the County Administrator, subject to confirmation by the County Commissioners.

Aroostook County voters will have an opportunity in November to decide whether they want to maintain the County Treasurer as defined, or if they would rather have the role as appointed.

Pelletier explains,

"This year, we're asking the voters of Aroostook County if they want to abolish the elected County Treasurer position and allow the commissioners to appoint a treasurer. We're one of two counties seeking this change, this year, in Maine."

However, the County Treasurer role has evolved over time and there are some statutory requirements that one holding the position must execute.

Pelletier defines some of the duties of the County Treasurer. They are:

  • Managing county funds
  • Receiving payments from the state of Maine and depositing those funds into the accounts of the County
  • Pay any county bills
  • Collect taxes from the municipalities in Aroostook County
  • Prepare financial reports for the County Commissioner's and the citizen's of the County
  • Other various jobs

According to Pelletier, over time these and other duties have been shifted to the staff that works within the office.

Pelletier added that with the change, should voters decide to do so, the office would not be hiring any new staff members, but rather would assign the duties of the treasurer to an existing staff member.

In addition to the work that's already being done, Pelletier said that there would actually see savings in the budget in the tune of about $10,000 per year.

When you head to the voting booth, Pelletier said that the ballot will read thusly,

"Shall the position of elected County Treasurer be abolished and replaced with a treasurer appointed by the County Commissioners."

As a voter, you will have a choice to either answer 'yes' or 'no' to this question on the ballot when you go to vote on Tuesday, November 6th at your appointed voting station.

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