We've all felt the impact of the current economic climate, especially here in Northern Maine. We're all trying to pinch our pennies and save what little money we can, and the City of Presque Isle is no exception. Thus announcing a city wide shutdown day effective, Friday, August 30, 2013.


The City of Presque Isle is really feeling the impact of the State budget. In order to balance the budget, the City Council needed to cover $458,533 in shortfall created by the State.

The amended city budget states that approximately 11% of the $458,533 has to come from reduction in personnel expenses. That is a total of $50,366.
The first of the adjustments to be made will happen next Friday, August 30, when all non-essential city personnel, including salary employees, will be required to taking time off without pay.

The shutdown day will save approximately $12,000 of the $50,366 needed.

August 30th was chosen because it falls in a five paycheck month in hopes it will minimize the financial impact on the effected employees. The day chosen also falls on Labor Day weekend when many people are traveling with the hope that this will minimize the impact on city residents.

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