After a difficult week and some seriously challenging conversations with staff and family, John Pinsent, CAO of the Town of Woodstock, has decided to resign.

According to Mr. Pinsent's Facebook page, his decision to resign his post as the Cheif Administration Officer for the Town of Woodstock comes amid a loss in the family when Pinsent's mother-in-law passed away in 2017.

Pinsent has decided to move back to Ontario, where he and his wife and family are from and gave this explanation for the decision,

"My wife's mother died the first month we arrived in Woodstock and all of her family lives in Ontario. She has a desire to be closer to her loved ones. She has put me first so many times and supported me in the move to Woodstock in 2017. I feel that I now owe it to her to return to Ontario where she can be closer to her family."

He admitted that he didn't feel his job was done in Woodstock but has done his best to 'move the town forward' while he was there.

Many of the comments on his Facebook page expressed sadness, but many acknowledged the good work Pinsent did while in office and that he would be missed.

CAO Pinsent took office in October of 2017 and will officially leave office in June of this year.



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