Let's start off right out of the gate by saying the driver of this car is okay and only had minor injuries that did not need any treatment, but what caused their car to tip over on its side is a little bit crazy.

According to the Sun Journal, the driver of this 2019 Jeep Compass went to turn left to find a place to park, but instead ended up flipping the car over onto its passenger side when they clipped that big pole with the yellow concrete base and a "Row 3" sign on it. Again, the driver is okay, but might be a little embarrassed by the clean up on aisle 3 situation.

Kate Fish

This driver isn't the only one to tap this pole either. It has been hit before and was leaning a bit from the last time this happened, which didn't help the driver in navigating it. In fact by the look of the pole in this Google Streetview image from 2019, it looks like it's done its fair share of scraping paint off doors and bumpers over the years.

Google Streetview

Auburn Police as well as Auburn Fire and Rescue showed up on the scene and tended to the driver who did not need any medical attention. Luckily, they are perfectly fine, aside from having to file an insurance claim.

The Auburn Walmart parking lot can be a bit tricky to navigate, so make sure you take it slow and watch those poles.

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