The Boston dad is a Youtuber who puts out hilarious and relatable New England-ish content. He covers everything from "Weathah Reports", to daily Dunkin' struggles, to Tom Brady breaking all of our "hahhts".

He released a video that really spoke to me. ESPECIALLY since I just spent the week in Florida.

For Floridians, it has been unseasonably cold. Like "frozen iguanas falling out of trees" cold. It actually got down to 40 last week and those thin-blooded southerners can't handle it. But for us New Englanders, if we walk outside and the air doesn't hurt our face in January, It's t-shirt weather!

I had some 60 degree days in Del Ray Beach but still sported shorts and a tee shirt out of principle. Let's just say I got some weird looks on the street from the locals. An elderly guy turned to his wife after walking by me and exclaimed, "IS SHE CRAZY?!" For the record, yes I am.

The Boston Dad articulated (or should I say ah-ticulated) perfectly what it feels like to be a New Englander in Florida, ESPECIALLY when it's chilly according to a Floridian's standards:

Go off, Boston Dad! He makes so many valid points. I just love his energy!

The moral of the story is if you have a trip planned to Florida and you see temps below 75 degrees in the forecast, be prepared to have the pool to yourself!

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